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Chaka played maracas in a prairie latin band.
She shook from Moose Jaw clear up north to Chipewyan.
Just outside Regina she found love and settled down
and danced to first flamenco in that snow white prairie town.

oooh oooh oooh…

She bought a rancher and a Husky Diner too.
Served Nabob coffee to the truckers passing through.
Till one dark night with all the snow drifting around,
she thought she heard a call a North Pacific sort of sound.

oooh oooh oooh…
It said, Come now, come now come now ooooh and see us now…

Now Chaka plays maracas in a west coast latin band.
She shakes from old town Atlin way down South to Lotusland
Sometimes she cries “Regina” when the rain begins to pound,
and dances the flamenco with a new love she has found.

oooh oooh oooh…
If i sing loud, if i sing loud, if i sing loud, will they hear me now
If my love could hear me now, if my love could hear me now, if my love, if my looooove, if my loooooove….. could hear me now.


from Upbeat Liberators, released September 22, 2014
Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitars: Rika
Lead Guitars $ Vocals: Keith Leinweber
Bass: Eric Lu
Drums & Percussion: Erin Sage
Keyboards & Vocals: Noam Ascher
Percussion & Vocals: Javier Badillo

Mixed & Engineered by AJ Buckley, James Wood & Pherbie Midgley
Produced by AJ Buckley & Warless
Mastered at Suite Sound Labs



all rights reserved


Warless Vancouver, British Columbia

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